The Pool at Pleasant Beach is temporarily operating under   occupancy limitations until all COVID-19 related restrictions are lifted. Please see occupancy counter on Pool website.


Benefits Pool Members Receive from Island Fitness

  • Island Fitness staff will hold a series of orientations for Pool members and teach you how to operate the new equipment.

  • Pool members may take advantage of all Island Fitness fee-based services at Island Fitness member rates, i.e., personal training, massage, nutritional counseling.

  • Pool members who wish to expand their exercise regimen to include all that Island Fitness has to offer may join Island Fitness with no joining fee.

  • Pool members may work with an Island Fitness personal trainer at either Island Fitness or The Pool.

  • Island Fitness trainers will develop and lead small group classes (in and out of the water) at The Pool. Look for class descriptions, times, and fees on our website later this spring.


Benefits Island Fitness Members Receive

  • Members of Island Fitness may join The Pool at Pleasant Beach and receive $200 off the joining fee.

  • Members of Island Fitness may take fee-based fitness classes at The Pool. These classes are not otherwise open to the general public.

  • Members of Island Fitness may meet their personal trainer at the Fitness Center at Pleasant Beach Village.

  • Island Fitness trainers will lead summer fee-based fitness classes (in and out of the water) at The Pool exclusively for members of either club.